Pet Friendly

We love pets, too!

Pet Friendly Cabins: Gate House Cottage, Potting Shed, Katydid, Lodge House & Cricket 

Traveling with a furry friend? We are pet-friendly in the cabins listed above, just follow these simple rules:

The word pet refers to dogs only on this site. We apologize, but due to allergy issues, we cannot invite your cats to our cabins. We do have our MSC mascot cats that you may love on and enjoy during your stay (Outside). Dogs are allowed in designated pet-friendly cabins only. Please read our Pet Policy and send an email saying you have read it and will comply.

All dogs must be housebroken, over one year of age and have collar with current vaccination tags on them.

We ask that you bring & cover the sofa or any furniture your pet might rub up against to avoid getting pet hair on the furniture. (You must provide this) Pets are NOT permitted on furniture. Dog nails should be clipped prior to arrival so they do not scratch the hardwood floors in the cabin. Please note that pets on the furniture… Forfeit the $200 deposit automatically. If a sofa or quilt requires a cleaning, you will be responsible for the cleaning or replacement.

Your pet must be kept on a leash any time it is out of the cabin & on the property.

Please bring whatever is necessary to clean up after you pet. (I.e. Plastic bags…pooper scoop.)

If the pet is left alone in the cabin it must be crated. Any exceptions must be approved prior to making your reservation. You must ensure that your dog will not bark and disturb other

guests both while you are with your pet and while you are away from your cabin and your dog is crated. Disruptive dogs will be asked to leave.

To avoid a $200+ charge, there should be absolutely no evidence that a pet has occupied this cabin when you check out. Vacuum cleaners are provided in each cabin. If your pet is a “shedder” you may want to bring a lint roller with you. These are not provided in the cabins, but we do have them for sale in the office. We want each cabin to be kept to the highest standards. We think you will appreciate our attention to cleanliness.


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